Alpro Professional OAT 6x1L

Alpro Professional OAT 6x1L

Product Code: 004745


Introducing Alpro Professional OAT, a convenient and versatile plant-based beverage. This pack includes 6 bottles, each containing 1 liter of pure oat goodness. Whether you're a barista looking to create creamy lattes or someone who enjoys a refreshing glass of oat milk, this product is perfect for you. Experience the smooth texture and subtle sweetness that makes Alpro Professional OAT a favorite among professionals and oat enthusiasts alike.


Contains oats. Always read the label for the most up-to-date allergen information.

  • 6 bottles of Alpro Professional OAT
  • Pure oat goodness, perfect for lattes and other beverages
  • Versatile and convenient plant-based option
  • Smooth texture and subtle sweetness
  • Great for both professionals and oat milk lovers
  • Each bottle contains 1 liter of oat milk

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