Smashed Pale CANS24 x 330ml | Alcohol Free Beer

Smashed Pale CANS24 x 330ml | Alcohol Free Beer

Product Code: 005183

24 x 330ml Cans


Samshed Pale Ale Cans 24 x 330ml are a refreshing and flavorful craft beer option. Brewed with care and precision, this classic pale ale offers a smooth and balanced taste. With its golden color and fruity aroma, it appeals to both beer aficionados and casual drinkers. Perfect for parties or simply enjoying a cold one at home, these cans provide convenience without compromising on quality. Indulge in the rich flavors and crisp finish of Samshed Pale Ale, a true favorite among beer enthusiasts.


Contains wheat and may contain traces of milk. Always read the label for the most up-to-date allergen information.

  • Premium quality: Samshed Pale Ale Cans are made with the finest ingredients and brewed using traditional methods to ensure a premium quality beer.
  • Distinctive taste: The pale ale offers a unique and refreshing taste with balanced hop bitterness and a hint of citrus and floral notes, making it a perfect choice for beer enthusiasts.
  • Aesthetically appealing design: The cans feature a visually appealing design that reflects the brand's personality and creates a standout presence on store shelves or at events
  • Award-winning brew: Samshed Pale Ale has received recognition and won awards in the craft beer industry, indicating its exceptional quality and taste.
  • Perfect for pairing: Samshed Pale Ale pairs well with a variety of foods, making it versatile for different dining occasions or food choices.
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