Wow Hydrate Electrolyte Pro RED CHERRY Sugar & Fat Free 500ml Bottles

Wow Hydrate Electrolyte Pro RED CHERRY Sugar & Fat Free 500ml Bottles

Product Code: 005473

Packsize: 12 x 500ml


Recharge and refresh with Wow Hydrate Electrolyte Pro in the tantalizing Red Cherry flavor, available in convenient 500ml bottles. This innovative hydration solution combines the crispness of cherry with the replenishing power of electrolytes, creating a deliciously satisfying beverage. Packed with essential minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins, Wow Hydrate Electrolyte Pro goes beyond traditional hydration, supporting your active lifestyle with optimal hydration. The 500ml bottles are perfectly sized for on-the-go replenishment, making it easy to stay revitalized and invigorated throughout your day. Experience the fusion of taste and functionality with Wow Hydrate Electrolyte Pro Red Cherry for a hydrating journey like never before.


Always read the label for the most up-to-date allergen information.

  • Tropical Refreshment: Lucozade Sport Caribbean Crush brings the taste of the tropics to your hydration routine with a delightful blend of exotic fruit flavors.
  • Vibrant Red Cherry Flavor: Enjoy the refreshing and natural taste of red cherries, adding a delightful twist to your hydration routine.
  • Functional Hydration: Beyond standard hydration, this drink offers a functional boost with added vitamins, providing a comprehensive solution for replenishing nutrients lost during physical activities.
  • Vitamins for Added Support: Fortified with essential vitamins, including B6, B12, and C, to support overall well-being and enhance the drink's nutritional profile.
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